Getting Started



Open build.dependencies.gradle. In the repositories section add maven { url = '' }, and in the dependencies section add implementation 'com.acmerobotics.dashboard:dashboard:0.4.3'.

Note: If you're using OpenRC or have non-standard SDK dependencies, add the following exclusion.
implementation('com.acmerobotics.dashboard:dashboard:0.4.3') {
    exclude group: 'org.firstinspires.ftc'


  1. Clone this repo locally.

  2. Append -SNAPSHOT to the end of ext.dashboard_version in FtcDashboard/build.gradle.

  3. After making changes, publish them locally with ./gradlew publishToMavenLocal (this has to be done on each computer).

  4. Complete the basic instructions, adjusting the version and adding mavenLocal() to repositories.

  5. Build and deploy like normal.



  1. Connect to the WiFi network broadcast by the RC (the passphrase is located in the Program and Manage menu).

  2. Navigate to with a phone RC or with a Control Hub.


  1. Install node and yarn if not installed already.

  2. Run yarn in FtcDashboard/dash/ (this only needs to be done once!).

  3. Run yarn start to start the development server.

  4. Navigate to localhost:3000 (although the previous command will likely open it for you).