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object TankKinematics (source)

Tank drive kinematic equations based upon the unicycle model. All wheel positions and velocities are given in (left, right) tuples. Robot poses are specified in a coordinate system with positive x pointing forward, positive y pointing left, and positive heading measured counter-clockwise from the x-axis.

This page gives a motivated derivation.



Computes the wheel accelerations corresponding to robotAccel given trackWidth.

fun robotToWheelAccelerations(robotAccel: Pose2d, trackWidth: Double): List<Double>


Computes the wheel velocities corresponding to robotVel given trackWidth.

fun robotToWheelVelocities(robotVel: Pose2d, trackWidth: Double): List<Double>


Computes the robot velocity corresponding to wheelVelocities and the given drive parameters.

fun wheelToRobotVelocities(wheelVelocities: List<Double>, trackWidth: Double): Pose2d